viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

Metacognitive analysis

As you can see in the previous entry, the piece of writing is incomplete. My classmates and I were writing when suddenly our teacher stopped us and asked “who are going to be the readers? What is the genre?” and I said “¡Oh God, she is right!” (As usual). We were given a title and we started writing without taking in consideration the audience, the genre and text type.

 In order to improve my writings I need to go through five stages. The first one is Pre-writing,  where there are different things I can do in order to find an idea to write about; brainstorming, conducting an interview, looking for information in books or the internet, discussing with partners, etc. The second stage is drafting. I must put my ideas on paper in an organized way using my notes from the previous step. Third stage is revising where I re -read my writing from my audience’s point of view in order to find things that need to be reorganized or information that can be cut or added. The fourth stage is editing. In this stage I must check grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling and word choice. Finally, the last stage is publishing, so I must share my piece of writing with the audience.
For more information about the 5 stages click HERE

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  1. According to your analysis, there´s plenty to correct in your first draft.